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B Writes Productions Presents: 

No Cap  

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about no cap

No Cap is a comedy-based drama about the misconceptions of dating in Atlanta. Hopeless romantic, Sasha, cannot seem to catch a break when it comes to her love life. Although she is successful, well-educated, and undeniably attractive, she cannot grasp how she continually fall short in the love department. 


This film shows the current climate of dating for both men and women. It emphasizes on how daters only present their representative in the initial stages of getting to know each other.  While the dating pool is already scarce, this film also highlights the extreme ratio of women to men in Atlanta. Although Hotlanta is considered to be one of the largest metropolitan cities, it is still extremely small when it comes to dating. 


Directed by: Shaquayla Mims 

Cinematographer: Nina Stakz


Rated PG 


Jennifer Renee as “Sasha”

Derek Rose as “Daven”

Candace Herring as “Raina” 

Ansleigh Thornton as “Allison”

Johnny Rodney as “ The real Daven Weatherly” 

Ej Maiden as “EJ”

Creator, writer, and  executive producer of this film is: Brandie  Foreman owner of B. Writes Productions. 

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